Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (The Game)

I served as an in-game effects artists on the "moviegame" for a couple months before the game was given over to The Collective for completion. I mostly worked on environmental effects on Mustafar and the Jedi Library.

I also made sure to get on board with the couple-week joy of hanging out with Nick Gillard (Star Wars Stunt Coordinator and Lightsaber Choreographer) and Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker, Episodes II and III) while they provided lots of fight-related animation reference for our animators, and taught everybody a few things about sword combat in a galaxy far, far away. If you own the Original trilogy DVD box set, on the bonus disc's Episode III: Making The Game feature, you can spot me in the background of a couple shots. Also, I did Anakin's lightsaber effects for that feature's beginning and ending animation of Anakin chopping up droids.

Official LucasArts web page for the Episode III Game

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

I was brought onto this project in the last stage of production: The pre-rendered cutscenes (the little movies that play between gameplay). I served for a couple months as the lead compositor and effects artist, which means I was responsible for assembling, compositing, doing effects for, and rendering off final versions of most of the game's cutscenes.

Some of the cutscenes I did effects for include: (SPOILER WARNING) The shuttle getting shot down over the snow planet, the Droid Yacht blowing up, the old beaten-up Destroyer blowing up, many lightning effects on the last "planet" of the game, and the death shot of the game's villain (depending on how you play, of course). Additionally, it was my privilege to get to pick the timing and style of most of the game's Star-Warsian wipe transitions.

I also made the game's animated title (not the logo itself) which was used at the end of the game's "Trailer 1" (available on their website) and in other promotional stuff.

Official LucasArts web page for KOTOR2

Star Wars: Republic Commando

I worked for several months on this gritty first-person shooter set in the Clone Wars. It was a fun project to work on because it's stylistically much more dark, realistic and militarty than we're used to seeing in Star Wars. I worked entirely on in-game effects using the Unreal Engine, which powers this game.

Because the process of in-game effects creation is so fluid and work is passed from one artist to another to another and undergoes many interations of change for the sake of performace and art direction, there is very little in this game that I can point to and say I did. However, a few effects still look about the same as when I left them; mostly third-person weapon effects like some muzzle flahes, flying weapon shells and laser shots, and weapon impacts and hit effects. (For instance, the standard Clone Commando DC-17 Blaster gun's muzzle flashes, blaster shots, and hit effects remain virtually unchanged since I created them)

Official LucasArts web page for Republic Commando