This test clip is mostly an experiment to simply make cool stuff with Trapcode's Particular plug-in for After Effects, which allows you to build particle systems in AE's 3D space. Boujou was used for 3D free-move tracking of the shot. Conceptually, this was inspired by a scene in the fourth Harry Potter flick.

A lightsaber fight between Brandon Flyte and myself, created for (and winner of) FanFilms.com's third Lightsaber Choreography Competition. Brandon and I choreographed this in just a couple days, and filmed it in one. Neither of us are fully satisfied with our performances and many technical aspects, but still think it came out pretty good.

For the contest, this fight was created without saber effects rotoscoped on, but after winning the contest, and all-volunteer team of fans chipped in to rotoscope the film, and the fight you see here the special edition version, with saber effects and sound by fans of the projects. I think they did a great job.

About 5 minutes, with sound, 51 MB


This comedic short film from Fanboys Productions came out a while before the '05 AtomFilms.com Fan Film contest. Many folks, including myself, enjoyed it a lot. In fact, just about the only thing that I found dissapointing was the lightsaber effects. Travis (director, who happened to be a fan of my previous lightsaber work) and I got in touch and I volunteered to support the film by overhauling all the film's lightsaber effects, for it's submission into the AtomFilms contest.

I did all the saber effects for this film in an impressively short two weeks, but I still believe they are the best looking lightsaber effects I've done to date.


Created for (and winner of) FanFilms.com's first Lightsaber Choreography Competition. Since then, this 5 minute saber fight has become incredibly popular world-wide, and has been hailed as one of the best lightsaber duels ever made (Star Wars films included).