Created for (and winner of) FanFilms.com's first Lightsaber Choreography Competition. Since then, this 5 minute saber fight has become incredibly popular world-wide, and has been hailed as one of the best lightsaber duels ever made (Star Wars films included).


What if Anakin hadn't gotten fried by Dooku's lightning right off the bat in the Episode II hangar duel? This sequence explores this possibility as an excuse for us to dress up like our favorite Episode II characters and choreograph our own lightsaber fight as sort of an alternate ending to Attack of the Clones.
Sorry, no Yoda.

My second big sequence with plenty of fighting, some force-lightning, music, costumes and even a little acting (gasp!). Go to the TheForce.net download page and click on the word from the director for more info about this project.

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Alternate Lightsaber Duel Promo
Alternate Lightsaber Duel


Take a look at this short fight sequence entirely choreographed by these two kids ages 9 and 11. With no prior swordfighting experience, only inspiration from seeing Ryan vs. Dorkman the day before, these two choreographed the fight you see in an hour and a half with no help or instruction from me or anybody else. Every swing, hit, even the poses, are all theirs. Impressive enough for me to film their fight, edit it, and add the effects and sound for them... and hopefully help them feel a little famous. ;)

About 1 minute, with sound, 11.7 MB

A brief fight between myself with a blue saber and an identical clone of myself with a red double bladed saber.

In addition to the saber effect, I performed both parts of the fight and composited them together to appear as though I was fighting myself.

About 4 seconds, with sound, 1.6 MB Also available on the "Cloning" Page.

Mark, with a blue saber, and I, with a red double-bladed saber, duke it out like only Star Wars fans can.

About 4 seconds, with sound, 1.4 MB

I ignite my red double bladed saber, ready to face off against Mark and Jason, who also ignite their sabers.

This clip was a little groundbreaker for me in that the lightsaber blades in this clip are completely extrapolated with no dowel refrences. Typically I would film the ignition shot with the dowel in the handle and the camera shot locked down and then digitally remove it later by replacing it with background footage. Here I shot the footage with no dowels at all with the freedom of camera movement and background motion, then extrapolated the lightsaber blade angles in post based on the handles. A bit tougher to do, but makes for way cooler shots. In the case of Mark's saber here, judging the handle's angle was particularly difficult since his hand obscured the bottom of the handle. I had to spend a lot more time making sure I was drawing the blade consistently from frame to frame and you can check out a botched first attempt here. This is exactly the kind of thing where After Effects keyframing could have saved me loads of time and probably done a better job. One of the rasons I now use AE almost 100% of the time for effects.

About 6 seconds, with sound, 1.8 MB

The entire Rough Day lightsaber daydream sequence!

My first lightsaber fight sequence. The sound, fighting, and effects are all decent but the light background kind of sucks the luminous impact from the sabers, so it was difficult to come up with a good mixture of saturation and lightness. Came out pretty decent though, for frame-by-frame painting in Photoshop.

About 46 seconds, with sound, 6.9 MB

I dodge and deflect a rapid series of laser shots with a blue saber.

I gave special attention to the shot that is deflected into the dirt, by compositing in an area of the ground where I blasted it with air from a compressor hose.

About 8 seconds, with sound, 2.4 MB

A brief but intense fight between myself (using a blue double bladed saber) and Kenneth (using a green saber).

One of my earliest saber tests.

About 5 seconds, with sound, 4.5 MB